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MS-Excel into Database with VB FrontEnd

Why this articles is here?MS-Excel into Database with VB FrontEnd: As we all know that Excel has many features, formulas, commands etc., and is very powerful, reliable software, MS-Excel mostly use in everywhere for reporting, data storing, formulating, and many more purposes. Is MS-Excel is good for your most important data or files?
Wait and think about that!Accidentally or mistakenly key-pressing can replace your cell value without your knowledge.Sometimes on a computer table you have many documents/files/books etc., if any document touch the keyboard key then the same condition is happened, (replace the cell value).If you required a report from your sheets with a specific condition just like a date range, or data range, or any other conditions, you must use many filters, hide columns or rows, or etc., main point is this that you spent much time for your reporting.If you want your excel sheets or files for reporting so you can not obtain your complete requirements because MS-Excel ha…