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Commercial Photography

Why facebook block your accunt

Blocking is one of the things that really hated everyone, but no administrator who perform blocking for reasons that are useful, of course there is no problem cause of the blockage and it very much. Like Facebook, many users are blocked while less than 2 days to 2 weeks maximum, this is an automated performance because each blocking is done counting each user to do something that is considered SPAM.
Every website must have Policy or Terms page to see rules that can be performed on the website, and if the break will be blocked, most things of this kind conducted on the forum site. There are many ways that can be done to block such users from IP / Proxy is used, Browser and UserAgent Location State, as well as the account stored in the database.
If Facebook does not cause blocking that allows the suspension namely Block meantime. Many things that make the user temporarily blocked because of his actions alone were calculated disrupt the activities of friends, would feature used to be close…

How to unlock your Facebook blocked account

Facebook is one of the most popular social network of all time. That already has millions - millions of active users every day in various parts of the world. Facebook account used not only to share information but also as a tool to strengthen the relationship to you / i and the public. In addition there is a satisfactory usability facebook so that each person can not feel bored to see facebook every day.
Active users on facebook probably already know the flaws and annoying things that exist in the social network, so do not want to repeat the same events. And to this day, something that makes people feel annoyed is when the account is locked facebook only for trivial matters. Actually it is a testament to the affection facebook users to keep their account remains safe and secure.
There are many things that make the account is locked suddenly. Suppose login from a different browser. For example, when you enter a long facebook use Opera Mini, then did logout. And log in again using UC Brow…

Facebook Status tricks work on Friends

Facebook one of the networks most used by users in the world. In Pakistan alone, many who use Facebook, over the course of time is certainly more than can be imagined. Even today a lot of kids ranging from 6th grade've made a Facebook account. Internet has always had something new that makes netizens have always wanted to try. Such as sites that provide interesting content that makes people curious, or want to do it constantly. Just like a game, facebook is not only used to share something, but many also are using Facebook as a means of secure transactions via message. So as I know myself, many foreign products are widely used automated methods using Facebook chat, so to transact no need to suffer anymore.
Not only Facebook, but Twitter is also favored by Internet users worldwide. But in terms of many Facebook users. If Twitter is not as many features of Facebook, and features available on Twitter like Cover, Hashtags, and Followers to exist on Facebook, while Facebook features, su…

Overcoming Force Close On SIM settings Messages On Android

Any excess must be contained deficiencies. And deficiencies can always be handled correctly. On Android phones must never find semcam system errors that make people always irritated or difficult. Examples such as applications that suddenly closed without any problems, this can be due to a system error or the application that mengalaimi corrupt. But most are experiencing corrupt data and to address the real easy, because it must delete the data, and reset all settings as before. But there were also errors contained on the stock ROM, and to overcome it also must wait for the update of his cell phone.
If the error of the stock ROM it is difficult to remove and one way to do the turn of custom ROMs and mobile phones need diroot first. In some phones Chna mostly had an error on the part settings SIM messages, and when the head of the section, will automatically direct exit or practically force close. Of course it is very annoying because it could lead to either SIM message settings to set a…

How To Overcome Download Play Store Always On Loss

All smartphones have always had a special application to download content such as games, apps, music, movies, to books. Of course not all free and those that are paid in accordance with the developer. If on Android phones already exist Play Store or Google Play. With the application users can search for any content desired and can perform fast and stable downloads. Without the Play Store, the user may have trouble downloading games or applications of existing websites, for the Play Store as for advertising or trap the download link to jump to the desired content.
There are differences phones that makes people feel like anything he had felt the odd result. And most are from the Play Store. This could be caused by various things, and problems existing in the Play Store is classified as more than one. I have also discussed about improvement Play Store that can not do the weekly display an error message. That is because hosts that exist on the system is likely that many phones that have be…

How to Overcome USB Android Not Detected On PC

All smartphones have a special hole that can be connected to a computer, the cable can be connected to a PC or other support used to transfer files and receive mentioned as USB. Most people do this than with Bluetooth, as a result of the process is very fast depending on kecepatn existing memory, usually the higher the class memory, then the sooner the process of sending files. But in addition to Bluetooth, now it's been a lot of applications using WiFi networks to transmit files, and must still less quickly when compared send using USB, but faster than with Bluetooth.
In the old phone also has provided special hole for USB, for example, only Nokia. There is a special hole that resembles charge CDMA mobile phone old, and mobile formations now only uses one hole the same, so it can be used to charge and USB, except for holes headset, but there were also old phones that combine it all, from the charge, UB and pit headset , namely the old phone made by Sony. There are many people who …

Increase your blog pageviews by using smart links

How to Easily Put SEO Smart Links On Postings Blog- mas Dion Blog Hello friends, this time I want gives a tutorial how to plug SEO smart link in the post / article of your blog. Well usefulness of SEO Smart link mounting technique is intended to provide a signal to Google that more crawl links in our blog article and to advance SEO techniques to increase Page Views Blog itself.
How it works from the SEO Smart Links is very easy that is by displaying one or more characters that leads to a specific link where the link is a link you another article that you think is related to an article on your blog. If you are curious to know how the installation of SEO Smart Links in Blog you please see the discussion below.
For how very easy installation, consider the following tutorial:
The first step please go first to the Edit HTML template >>Then how the code </ body>Then place the following code before the code </ body>
<script type='text/javascript'>
function smartLin…

Conditional Tags for your blogger to make more responsive

There are a few tricks to hide elements of both the blog on the home page / homepage, posts, static pages or by adding a conditional tag code in each element you want to hide.

<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType != "static_page"'>
..... The contents of the content to be wrapped conditional tags (Content will be hidden in the static pages) .....
Not only hides an element but it could be to display only certain elements in the page that you specify.

<b:if cond='data:blog.url == data:blog.homepageUrl'>
..... The contents of the content to be wrapped in the conditional tag (content will only appear on the home page) .....
</b:if>for more details please refer to some function conditional tag for widget below: 

1. Widget displays only on the home page:
<b:widget id='HTML1' locked='false' title='Recent Posts' type='HTML'>
<b:includable id='main'>
<b:if cond='data:blog.url == dat…

Alexis Responsive Blogger Template (EP Free Templates)

Alexis is a free blogger template adapted from WordPress with 2 columns, responsive design, right sidebar, minimalist, posts thumbnails, related posts support, well designed threaded comments, girly looking, simple look and vintage style.

Responsive & Fast template for blogs about any general topic, to write a diary or fashion.
Download Alexis for free from EP:
DEMO & Download

Ivision Responsive Blogger Template (Free by EP)

Invision Responsive Blogger Template
As a routine work I search lots of free stuff for my friends, now I'll share the back of free templates. Invision is the first free template from EP Design in the early 2016 's . Appearance of this template was adopted from New Line premium template.

The following features in the template Invision this FeaturesAvailabilityResponsiveTrue CheckGoogle Testing Tool ValidatorTrue CheckSEO FriendlyTrue CheckMobile FriendlyTrue CheckDynamic HeadingTrueAdsense ReadyTrueValid Schema.orgTrueHigh CTRTruePersonal BlogTrueDisqus Comment SystemTrue2 ColumnTrueAuto Read More with ThumbnailTrueResponsive Ad SlotTrueBreadcrumbsTrueAbout Me WidgetTrueRelated Posts with ThumbTrueSearch BoxTrueSocial Share ButtonTrueResponsive Dropdown MenuTrueNews TickerTrueSmooth Back to TopTrueCustom Subscribe Box WidgetTrueCustom Pop up Contact FormTrueShortcodesTrueUnlimited Page NumberedTrue
Well for demos and download links , please click on the button below

DEMO & Down…

Blogger XML Operator and Syntax Updates 2015

Recently Blogger has released several new operators for the syntax of XML them. This new syntax allows us to be able to write code templates that better, more logical and more efficient. In addition to reducing the size of the file is XML, the new syntax also allows developers to be able to find new potentials in manipulating the template code Bloggers who used mostly only we can do with JavaScript. Here is a summary ... AndBefore<b:if cond='data:blog.searchQuery'>
<b:if cond='data:numPosts &gt; 10'>
The search results by the number of posts more than 10 ...
</b:if>After<b:if cond='data:blog.searchQuery and data:numPosts &gt; 10'>
The search results by the number of posts more than 10 ...
</b:if><b:if cond='data:blog.searchQuery &amp;&amp; data:numPosts &gt; 10'>
The search results by the number of posts more than 10 ...
</b:if>OrBefore<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType ==…

Alarm Clock Pro v6.15 for Android Download Free

Also with MASTER variation: – You assist modest designer to develop this excellent request: ) – Annual/Birthday/Anniversary security alarm – “Any alarm” can be duplicated “every month” – Absolutely no advertising (no request lock-ups, cheaper battery power usage) – Total security alarm pages assist – Tremble to help sleep – Snooze count up to help 100 – Cyclic security alarm do it again nearly 90 days – Dropbox synchronization – Widgets are usually resizeable (>= Operating system 3. 1). – Widgets can be added to lockscreen (>= Operating system 5. 2).
Burglar alarm classes: – Swift – create a note/alarm with a couple easy keys to press – Everyday – runs everyday – Do the job days to weeks – runs with picked do the job days to weeks – Cyclic – runs every x-th evening – Timer – easy timer (countdown) security alarm – Almost any – calendar collection – Twelve-monthly – birthday, loved-one’s birthday (PRO only)
Characteristics: – security alarm pages – normal “Dismiss/snooze button”, math trouble or perha…

Below Up Apk (Android Game)

Blow Up - an excellent game in which it is necessary, by means of a dynamite and other adaptations, to blow up a design. But it is necessary to make it so that, the bear sitting on it will fall together with it. And if he takes a star – you will have more points. By the way, the lower the construction falls, the better it will be.

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